Are you ready to embark on a journey of innovation, creativity, and problem-solving? Welcome to HackSharks 2.0, an exhilarating hackathon that brings together brilliant minds from all corners of the tech world.

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Event Highlights:

Location: virtual event

Theme: OPEN Hackaton

Who Can Participate: open to students all across the globe

Prizes: Exciting prizes and opportunities for the winners.

Networking: Connect with fellow tech enthusiasts, mentors, and potential employers.

Workshops: Engage in skill-enhancing workshops and sessions. (comming soon)

Judges: A panel of esteemed judges from the tech industry.

Sponsors: Supported by leading tech companies.

Collaboration: Form teams or work individually to tackle real-world challenges.


Why Join HackSharks 2.0 ?


Innovation: Turn your ideas into reality and create solutions for pressing issues.

Learning: Enhance your skills through hands-on experience and expert guidance.

Networking: Build connections that can shape your career in technology.

Prizes: Compete for fantastic prizes and recognition.

Fun: Enjoy a thrilling and fun-filled tech experience.

Registration Information:


Registration Deadline: 15th September

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Join us at HackSharks 2.0 and be part of a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology. Get ready to code, innovate, and make a difference!


Let's code for a better tomorrow!


What to Build

  • Submissions can consist of products with interfaces that can be demoed, or they can consist of contract code that can be effectively deployed on Futurenet or in standalone mode.  Just make sure your video demo does a good job explaining what your submission does and how it works.

  • Your code repository must be public, and must include an open-source license.

  • All submissions must be created during the timeframe of the hackathon. 

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Hackathon Sponsors


$58,600 in prizes

Winner 1st place

$5000 Prizes are in Cash value
with the other gifts from our sponsors
and a SWAG BOX from DevSharks

Winner 2nd Place

$3000 Prizes are in Cash value
with the other gifts from our sponsors
and a SWAG BOX from DevSharks

Winner 3rd Place

$1000 Prizes are in Cash value
with the other gifts from our sponsors
and a SWAG BOX from DevSharks

Participation (496)

Participation prizes are backed by our sponsors.
Each participants will get worth of $100+ sponsored prizes
with the other gifts from our sponsors
and a SWAG BOX from DevSharks

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Subham Verma

Subham Verma

Aayushi Goel

Aayushi Goel

Raghava Dittakavi

Raghava Dittakavi
Tracelink.INC, MA - Team Lead, DevOps

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh
Linkedin USA

Judging Criteria

  • Functionality & Purpose
    Are you solving an existing problem? How scalable is the application? Can it be used in other regions, or can it be used by more than one type of audience? Is it an application that would encourage a user to use it more than once for its benefits?
  • Documentation
    Is the submission description complete and easy to read? Does the code have comments that explain what's going on? Project must include instructions on how others can contribute in file on GitHub and must have a license.
  • Creativity
    Project takes an original approach to a problem. Solution effectively alleviates, solves, or helps the problem it is designed to solve.
  • Design
    Design is accessible, well thought out, demonstrates smart design choices, and is user-friendly.

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